Speaking Engagements

  • Might you or your team have an interest in learning more about pet bereavement and ways to support your clientele through the grieving process?
  • Dr. Micky Golden Moore is available for speaking engagements with your veterinary practice or related organizations. Whether a formal presentation or a round table discussion, Dr. Moore looks forward to supporting your team as they strive to serve your pet loss clientele. 
  • As the founder and facilitator of the Beyond the Paw Print pet loss support group meetings, along with her unique background and training in Speech Communication, Bereavement Studies and Clinical Pastoral Education, Dr. Moore is a lively and engaging presenter. Her recent publication, Tails from Beyond the Paw Print, further enrich her presentations with stories of love, loss and lessons learned from our Adored Animal Companions.  
  • Available for virtual and in-person gatherings (when and where allowed)
  • To learn more contact mgmoore@beyondthepawprint.com or phone 248.701.2345