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Our unconditional friends

Thank you Mickey for this treasure! It’s a warm hearted reminder to us all who have fur babies how important they are to our daily lives. This book is a comfort to all pet owners.
~, August 24, 2020 –

A must read for those who have lost a furry companion

This book speaks from heart. As a animal lover, I could relate to every story. My heart smiled as I could feel love and joy each felt with their beloved pet. I also, cried as I could feel the pain and suffering with their loss. To many, our pets our family. Some do not understand the extreme grief one can go through. Thank you for writing this book, Thank you for acknowledging our grief , Thank you for comforting us , Thank you for letting us know we are not alone! I will definitely be purchasing copies as gifts!
~, August 20, 2020 –

A loving source of hope, support and love

I recently read this book and found myself deeply touched by the stories from the participants of the author’s pet loss support group. I’ve worked with clients who’ve lost beloved animals for over 30 years, and have seen the great value that can come from hearing others’ stories of loss. Reading about others’ diverse range of reactions and feelings to losing a beloved animal, ways that they have coped with, healed and learned from their grief can be incredibly normalizing, inspiring and healing for others experiencing what is still a disenfranchised loss in our culture. If you, a client or friend or family member is hurting from the loss of an animal loved one, this book may be a source of hope and support.
~, August 13, 2020 –

This book will touch your soul

It was an honor to meet the author of such a wonderful book. The stories are wonderful, tearful, joyful and full of such specific details about the relationship between people and their pets. Even though there are tales of sadness, it helps to remind us how lucky we are to have the time we do with the pets who share our life.
~, August 6, 2020 –

This book is all you need when struggling with the loss of a pet

She is amazing! Her ability to articulate the loss of a pet is unreal. Thank you Micky! You are an absolute treasure
~, August 2, 2020 –

Wonderful gift

Excellent book about pet loss that applies to all areas of life. Beautifully compiled and illustrated with a great deal of love and care. I have bought several as gifts.
~, July 24, 2020 –

I highly endorse & recommend this book for those who are experiencing loss of their furbaby.

I was so impressed with the book Tails from Beyond the Paw Print and Beyond. The book provides a platform for individuals who are grieving over the death of their beloved fur baby. The author showed diverse feelings of devastating sorrow by individual owners thru out the book. The book validated the grief for individuals who are negatively judged by insensitive people for crying & grieving over the loss of their fur baby. The book showed that a platform for grief is necessary & suggests that we can be our brother’s keeper as evidenced by participating in an effective, trustworthy, communicative network that allows each individual to safely ventilate their personal story of grief & loss without being laughed at or criticized. The book told how monthly meetings in a secure, trusted meeting ground for pet owners who have loss their fur baby provides healing and support as well as shows how others may experience similar feelings. Importance of showing respect, trust, being empathetic towards others, as well as embracing & comforting others through story sharing impressed me very much. I feel encouraged after reading this book for it shows me that I am not alone on my journey of loss, grief, & sorrow. Reading the stories of others give me hope for I’m able to see & share similar journeys.
~, June 24, 2020 –

A book of healing

Wow! Everyone should read. Most I know have suffered the loss of a companion. That animal that’s so much more than a pet. Our grief can be hard to express and get through because it’s not always understood or even acknowledged. Great stories of loss and of healing. Heartwarming.
~, June 16, 2020 –

An important book for those with furry family

We grieve the loss of our furry family as much as, sometimes even more than, the loss of a human…… something non-pet owners could not possibly understand. This book of 22 heart-warming stories of love and loss, of grief and comfort, of joy and sorrow, laughter, and yes, tears……. is a must-read for anyone with a beloved pet, for anyone who has suffered the painful loss of a beloved pet. There is so much love in this book…… Thank you, Micky Golden Moore – for writing this book that speaks to so many …… you have touched my heart.
~, June 16, 2020 –

Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet needs to read this book!

This is a long overdue book that is the perfect gift for anyone who knows what it is to love and lose a pet. Through real stories from others who have walked this joy and pain-filled road, Dr. Micky validates the grief of those who have had to say goodbye to a beloved pet and reminds us of the lessons that they taught us. Grieving a pet can be very lonely, and it can feel like no one understands the depth of the pain, but this book is filled with stories from people who understand, and their stories will help uplift and encourage your heart to healing.
~, June 3, 2020 –

22 Love Letters about Beloved Animal Companions Who Lived, Loved, and Left Us with Lessons Learned

This wonderful book consists of 22 essays written by attendees of Dr. Micky Golden Moore’s unique ‘Beyond the Paw Print Grief Support Group.’
Each of these love letters honor each beloved cat and dog animal companion who changed lives, and their human families who benefited from attending a pet grief support group. Much to love, laugh, and learn about managing pet loss.
~, June 3, 2020 –

Comforting for all types of grief

I found this book to be exceptional in portraying the grief process – especially for pets, but also applicable for ANY loss that we experience. Dr. Golden Moore beautifully describes the blending of our “Pet Families” into our lives and the integral part they serve to keep us happy, laughing, and emotionally healthy. Non-pet owners will also enjoy these stories and gain a deeper understanding and respect for those who mourn the loss of a pet.
~, June 2, 2020 –

A must-read-read for anyone struggling with the loss of their beloved pet.

As a hospice veterinarian, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has lost a pet. I know I will be recommending this to all of my clients. Thank you Micky for the work that you do!
~, May 30, 2020 –

A treasure of a book.

This book is for anyone that has loved a pet. You will feel everything that comes with the relationship between humans and our fur babies. You will share in the heartache and pain in these stories and you will hug and kiss your animals as you read each sweet short story. 22 Beautiful stories about these cherished bonds that we are so lucky to experience as pet lovers. Read it, gift it to someone that is hurting, save it for a time you need to be reminded that you will be ok. You will treasure this book. Thank you, Dr. Micky Golden Moore. You have opened our eyes to a safe group of pet lovers for sharing and healing and proved that we are not alone.
~, May 30, 2020 –

You’re not alone

Tails Beyond the Paw Print showcases extremely powerful stories of love and devotion and loss. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions that will have you crying, laughing and smiling. It shows just how much our companions are part of our lives and the bond that develops over time. These stories will help ease your own sense of loss. It lets you know you are not alone in your grief. This book is a reminder to us all how important it is to talk about your grief, and a way to honor your pets memories anyway you can. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Tails from Beyond the Paw Print.
~, May 30, 2020 –

A beautiful tribute to our animal companions

It is hard for me to put into words how much my pets have meant to me over the years. My little girl Roxy (seen in the photo below) is my heart and has filled my life with joy. Reading these “tails” was great for me to connect with other pet lovers, and to give me strength and hope that I will be able to carry on when the time comes. The thing I most liked about this book is that it made me appreciate the time I still have with my dog even more.
~, May 30, 2020 –


A wonderful book with beautiful illustrations and heartwarming stories of love, loss and the journey that one takes after losing a beloved pet. A must read for any pet owner.
~, May 30, 2020 –

A Must Read for Anyone who has Loved and Lost a Beloved Friend.

Through heartfelt stories, the book takes us through the journey of loving and losing a pet, healing and moving forward. Many people do not understand the grief of losing our animal friends. This book lets us know we are not alone and there are others who can help.
~, May 30, 2020 –


This book is beautifully written by those who have loved, lost, and come full circle and recovered. Every story portraying the human animal bond and the need for recovery after loss. Brilliantly written.
~, May 30, 2020 –

Every pet owner will relate

It’s hard for us as humans to reconcile that it’s okay to grieve the loss of our pets. This book shares stories of pet owners and their journeys of love, loss and hope, and gives one permission to grieve the loss of their companions through the stories of others. No two journeys are the same, and this book highlights that through all the stories within. I cried while reading this book, and I was left feeling inspired and hopeful.
~, May 29, 2020 –


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